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CS 162

Introduction to Computer Science II

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/ 5.0 Difficulty

Common Pairings

CS 271:

69 times

CS 225:

22 times

CS 352:

18 times

Tips from Students

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SP 20246-12 hours/week2 / 5 CS 271

This course is more challenging than 162 but is still pretty easy. I thought the only difficult project was the portfolio project and that is just because it is longer than all the previous assignments. I would recommend being very comfortable with classes.

Submitted Mon Jun 17 2024

WI 20246-12 hours/week3 / 5 CS 271CS 352

Start assignments early and be solid on your object oriented programming fundamentals. Utilize unit testing and write your own tests to verify that your program logic is correct and passes the assignment requirements listed in the rubric.

Submitted Fri Apr 05 2024

WI 20240-5 hours/week1 / 5 CS 271

I paired this with 271 and this was definitely the easier course. It also allows you to work ahead. I stayed 2 weeks ahead through most of the course, so if I had a challenging week in 271 I could focus on that and not think about 162. The material in this course is pretty easy if you are familiar with Python and OOP.

Submitted Wed Mar 20 2024

FA 202313-18 hours/week3 / 5

I would come in being comfortable with OOP and recursion. Also take advantage of Samarendra's Learning Sessions. They are extremely helpful to understanding the content. Also, be prepared to review concepts from 161 as 162 builds on them.

Submitted Tue Dec 12 2023

SP 20230-5 hours/week1 / 5 CS 271

Should be merged with 161 to make room for a real class.

Submitted Thu Jun 22 2023

WI 20230-5 hours/week2 / 5 CS 271

Definitely more challenging than CS161 but in a fun way. If you're taking CS271 with this class, you'll definitely appreciate this class since you won't have to worry about managing the stack, registers, etc.

Submitted Wed Apr 05 2023

SP 20236-12 hours/week2 / 5 CS 271

Could have stood to be more rigorous.

Submitted Mon Mar 27 2023

WI 20230-5 hours/week1 / 5 CS 271

I ran through Python Crash Course by Eric Matthes before starting the program and it covered more than this class did. The final project for this class was really frustrating though. They had us make a Chess replica, but due to having such a sparse and vague ReadMe, they wound up telling us the tests would only use moves that followed the rules. In other words, we did not have to test for users trying to break the rules. It made the project trivial, but also useless in terms of putting on GitHub later on.

Submitted Mon Mar 27 2023

WI 20230-5 hours/week1 / 5 CS 271

Projects 2 and 3 were long but quite easy. If you did fine in 161 this class will be a breeze.

Submitted Sun Mar 26 2023

WI 20236-12 hours/week3 / 5

Start projects early, some of the assignments can be quickly completed but Weeks 2,3,6,7, and the final project take much more time.

Submitted Mon Mar 20 2023

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