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CS 352

Introduction to Usability Engineering

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/ 5.0 Difficulty

Common Pairings

CS 162:

18 times

CS 271:

17 times

CS 261:

14 times

Tips from Students

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WI 20246-12 hours/week2 / 5 CS 271CS 162

Note: This course is more focused on UI/UX research and theory than teaching you UI/UX design guidelines. Very interesting and worth while if you know what you're getting yourself into. Have in mind your Minimum Viable Product and break your ideas into concrete features that you can iterate and build. Coordinate, delegate, and set expectations early. Understand the assignment requirements and check against them. Have somebody be the project manager, and utilize discord/a group chat to coordinate. Learn Figma on your own. Hann Scott is an amazing instructor who really cares and keeps the modules updated and interesting.

Submitted Fri Apr 05 2024

SP 20230-5 hours/week1 / 5 CS 362

Instructor is a sweetheart of a person. Fun class!

Submitted Sat Dec 30 2023

SU 20230-5 hours/week1 / 5 CS 271

Very easy but very enjoyable. Hann Scott's rebuild has turned the modules for this class into the best I've seen in the program. You definitely get out what you put in. You can make this a nothing class or put some time in and learn some interesting concepts.

Submitted Sun Aug 20 2023

SU 20230-5 hours/week1 / 5 CS 290

Even though this was my first quarter with OSU (transferred in), I'm pretty sure this has to be the easiest class out there. Most of the work is writing paragraphs and sketching on Figma. Workload is about 3 to 8 hours a week. If you have a good group, class is super easy, if you have a bad group, class is still pretty easy. Don't this class if you want to get your money's worth learning, but if you need an easy A or filler, don't hesistate to take it

Submitted Mon Aug 14 2023

SU 20236-12 hours/week3 / 5

Don't take this class in summer: it requires a lot of group work, and many of your classmates will think Summer == Vacation, so you will be stuck completing most of the assignments on tight deadlines while your group members ghost you. Otherwise, interesting, relevant course material. Hann Scott is the most engaged instructor I've had at OSU. I think this course would improve by requiring more prerequisites, such as SWE I, so that students would come to it with more experience of group projects.

Submitted Fri Aug 04 2023

SP 20230-5 hours/week1 / 5 CS 290

Other students often recommend taking this class for an easy A, which means most people in the class do not seem to care about putting in any effort. The grading is very lenient, and a lot of students end up doing the bare minimum. If you care at all about the quality of your work, but don't want to carry an entire group project on your back, avoid this class. You can learn usability engineering on Youtube (like everything else in the program).

Submitted Sat May 20 2023

SP 20220-5 hours/week1 / 5 CS 344

This class is so fun, just be sure to communicate clearly with your group and things should go smoothly.

Submitted Wed Jan 11 2023

SP 2022 (failed), FA 20220-5 hours/week1 / 5 CS 344CS 361

Not much coding, a lot of group work and writing. Maybe the easiest class I’ve taken but my group was pretty good.

Submitted Thu Dec 22 2022

Fa 20220-5 hours/week2 / 5 CS 290CS 261

Make sure you get equal work completed by your teammates or be prepared to work disproportionally to your teammates.

Submitted Thu Dec 15 2022

FA 20220-5 hours/week1 / 5 CS 271CS 381

Use the dictation feature of Google Docs or Microsoft Word to get through the assignments with absurd length requirements. None of the reports are challenging except fulfilling the length requirement.

Submitted Mon Dec 05 2022

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