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CS 361

Software Engineering I

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CS 325:

33 times

CS 344:

28 times

CS 340:

15 times

Tips from Students

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FA 20230-5 hours/week1 / 5 CS 344

It's a really weird course, so I recommend choosing something easy to implement that you know already. Graders are finicky and there's a ton of busywork.

Submitted Thu Nov 30 2023

SU 20236-12 hours/week1 / 5 CS 340

Most of this course is working towards your final project and your microservice. There is a lot of busy work along the way which I didn't enjoy, but overall the course does teach some useful communication pipes and the concept of microservices. My partner didn't communicate well or work early, which was frustrating, but he was a good developer. His microservice worked perfectly for me. Anyone can get an A, but the course is more fun if you develop a project that is interesting to you.

Submitted Tue Aug 22 2023

SU 20230-5 hours/week1 / 5 CS 325

The main idea is to just develop some application that meets certain requirements. This can be challenging for those of us that are not necessarily creative since it's up to you to figure out what you want your app to do. On top of that, you need to pick a project that is feasible, within your coding abilities, and the language you want to implement in. All of this can be a bit overwhelming but overall the class is doable. My biggest recommendations would be to start early, keep your code free of any code smells (refactoring later on stinks), and tame your ambitions. Developing both the front and back end is challenging enough in of itself already!

Submitted Sat Aug 19 2023

SP 20236-12 hours/week2 / 5 CS 475CS 464

The first couple weeks in this class start out kind of fast, with a lot of busy-work due. However, the time requirements drop off dramatically towards the second half. Pair with a harder class or use this class to create a neat personal project.

Submitted Tue Jun 20 2023

SP 20236-12 hours/week2 / 5 CS 325

If you've already worked in the tech industry, many of the concepts in this course will be familiar. Since you're working with a partner, try to get somebody in a time zone compatible with when you're able to meet. I thought the grading on the projects was fair; you won't be entirely sunk if your partner can't meet the project commitments.

Submitted Tue Jun 20 2023

SP 20236-12 hours/week2 / 5 CS 475

Do all the readings, plus supplement your readings with independent online learning. Attend office hours and instructor help sessions.

Submitted Tue Jun 13 2023

SP 20230-5 hours/week1 / 5 CS 464

The first few weeks of this course are busy with various easy to do assignments. After the first 2 weeks, it is very easy. You get to pick your project, and you can make it as easy or as hard as you'd like. This was by far my favorite course of the program so far.

Submitted Tue Jun 13 2023

SP 20236-12 hours/week1 / 5 CS 325CS 391

Think about a portfolio project you want to build. Will need to discuss micro-service with partner and integrate but could be as simple as a fetch request (local or hosted from partner's service) and putting the data in a <p> element. Very easy and could likely do less than 5 hours a week if you don't care about project.

Submitted Tue Jun 13 2023

SP 20230-5 hours/week1 / 5 CS 325

This class teaches you about the software development process. You will develop one software application during the quarter using the Agile software development model. You have complete freedom and control over what you want to develop, as long as it utilizes the microservice implemented by your partner, and you must provide one to your partner as well. You have ample time to work on your projects, along with a few side assignments, readings, and quizzes. It's a great opportunity to develop a personal project that you can put on your resume. I recommend taking this course later in your degree, preferably after completing courses like 290 and 340, if you're interested in developing web applications, as I did. However, note that this course does not teach you how to code or specific frameworks, technologies, or skills. It primarily focuses on the software development process. The implementation is up to you, so you're on your own in realizing any innovative ideas or ambitious goals you may have, and you can make it as challenging as you desire. Grading is lenient, and as long as you submit something, everyone can get an A.

Submitted Tue Jun 13 2023

WI 20230-5 hours/week1 / 5 CS 427CS 325

This class is about as hard as you make it. It's sort of front-heavy with a bunch of assignments due the first two or three weeks, but after that you're mostly just working on your quarter-long-project and that can be as hard or as easy as you want to make it. There's some good info in the textbook and great feedback from the TA's on homework, plus it gives you a chance to get used to github and working on a team. There's tons of extra credit available and they let you redo assignments if you want a better score, so I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't get an A in this class.

Submitted Sun Mar 26 2023

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