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CS 464

Open Source Software

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/ 5.0 Difficulty

Common Pairings

CS 361:

6 times

CS 344:

5 times

CS 362:

4 times

Tips from Students

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SP 20240-5 hours/week1 / 5 CS 361

Interesting class, assignments are some quizzes which were medium hard (unlimited attempts, but you can't see the correct answers, so you might have to do them a bunch of times in a row until you get it all), group discussions, and reports/contributions to OSS projects. The contributions don't have to be code, can also be updating a README. I took it at the same time as 361 and appreciated the overlap in topics. Instructor was friendly.

Submitted Tue Jun 04 2024

SU 20230-5 hours/week1 / 5

bless up to the easiest class of the entire degree ๐Ÿ™

Submitted Thu Aug 17 2023

SP 20230-5 hours/week1 / 5 CS 475CS 361

This class is a breeze and should be paired with heavier classes. I did get a lot more comfortable with Open-Source projects and contributing to them. Definitely recommend for those burnt out!

Submitted Tue Jun 20 2023

SP 20230-5 hours/week1 / 5 CS 361

This class can truly be as in-depth or as light as you'd like. I learned a lot about Open Source Software, and am happy to have contributed to a project I was passionate about. I spent on average about 2-4 hours a week on the various entries. Do your best to keep track of your discussions, if you miss one or two, they will hit your grade quite hard.

Submitted Tue Jun 13 2023

FA 20220-5 hours/week1 / 5 CS 344CS 361

If you're looking to take a super easy elective with no group projects and very little time requirement, this is it. And if you're really into open source software and want a challenge, you can make it as difficult as you'd like.

Submitted Tue Dec 13 2022

FA 20220-5 hours/week1 / 5 CS 344

This class is as hard as you want it to be. There are weekly discussions and nearly weekly writeups you will have to do, but there is no required page length for the latter. The whole class is basically just participation. If you're looking for a very easy companion course to a harder class, this is it. I thought it was much easier than even 361/362 were. Not sure I'd recommend the class though, as I didn't feel I really got anything out of it.

Submitted Sun Dec 11 2022

SU 20220-5 hours/week1 / 5 CS 467CS 370

The course is easy but try to pick an open source project that you are passionate about

Submitted Sun Aug 14 2022

SP 20220-5 hours/week1 / 5 CS 344

This is the easiest course you can possibly take as far as minimum effort, easy A. Its an interesting subject (for me) but doesn't have a lot of substance as a class. This is what I would call a survey course and basically non-computer science people should be able to get an A without issue.

Submitted Wed Jul 06 2022

SP 20220-5 hours/week1 / 5 CS 475

Work on a project you are passionate about or use this course to learn new topics if you have the spare time. The course is easy to get an A in.

Submitted Fri Jun 10 2022

FA 20210-5 hours/week1 / 5 CS 361

This class is was not a particularly difficult or time intensive course, but I found it useful since I was feeling nervous about contributing to OSS and this course actually requires you to contribute to OSS for the final project. So if you need someone to push you into contributing to OSS or want a course that does not take a lot of time, it is a great and chill course to participate in! (I also enjoyed the course content even if it was light.) I would not recommend this course if you are looking for a challenge.

Submitted Sat Jan 08 2022

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