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MTH 231

Elements of Discrete Mathematics

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CS 161:

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FA 20236-12 hours/week3 / 5

Different from any other math class, exams are definitely doable as long as you study first

Submitted Thu Feb 01 2024

FA 202213-18 hours/week4 / 5 CS 161

The content wasn't terribly difficult to learn, however there is a constant stream of coursework to complete until week 8/9 of the quarter -- this was by far the most challenging part of the course. There are assignments due Wednesday/Friday/Sunday. Don't wait until Wednesday to start homework assignments & attend the exam reviews; this will set you up for success grade-wise. Kimberly Brehm's Discrete Math series on YouTube is a lifesaver.

Submitted Sat Jan 21 2023

SU 20216-12 hours/week3 / 5 CS 161

Read the notes. Be active in discussions and visit office hours. I have an engineer background so I've gone through a lot of math. This course still took a lot of time for me to understand and get through the notes/assignments. Put in the time and effort and the material isn't too difficult.

Submitted Tue Mar 29 2022

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Course Analytics was developed for students of Oregon State University's online Computer Science program. The data on difficulty, time commitments, course pairings, and tips have been submitted by real students using this survey. Feel free to add your own reviews if you are a current student! The data is scraped from this spreadsheet.

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